Welfare Hire: Explained

Our Welfare Units are extremely popular and are often hired within the construction sector to enable workers to have an warm area with general facilities to eat and drink, alongside additional sanitation options. In order to comply with The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) work areas must see that certain rules are kept.

  • ‍Clean and working toilets
  • ‍Washbasins with hot and cold running water
  • ‍Sinks large enough to wash face, hands and forearms
  • Somewhere to change, dry and store clothing
  • A rest area to sit, make hot drinks and eat food

Our JOBEC Welfare Units are fitted with the following:

  • Large sink with hot water handwash/unit and clean drinking water
  • Recirculating toilet (30 gallons)
  • Recirculating flush toilet compartment
  • Built-in generator
  • Block insulation & heavy duty floor covering
  • Six way consumer unit
  • Microwave cooker & Kettle
  • Steel personnel doors with sliding steel shutter
  • LED interior lighting with electric wall mounted heater with double sockets

Here is our video below that showcases our JOBEC Welfare Units that we provide to many companies around the UK to ensure they are following correct procedure.

Call us on 01922 649 961 today for any questions you may have regarding the rental of our Welfare Cabins or you can speak to us via our contact form here.

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