Rotational Moulding


A wide variety of surface finishes can be achieved either with the careful selection of polymer or in mould texture.

Almost any colour is achievable, including Fluorescent, Metallic, Sparkle, Granite, Antique, Cast iron and Pewter, Stone, Terracotta, etc.

Using a suitable grade of polymer, properties can be achieved such as – Fuel safe, UV protection, Anti-bacterial, Foamed insulation and Flame retardant.

Mouldings normally have an even wall thickness throughout, but by carefully manipulation during the moulding process, material can be added or reduced in certain areas for best effect.

Captive nuts, studs and other fittings can be moulded in place during process if needed.

We also offer post-mould assembly and packaging services for customer products and can dispatch direct to end users if required.

Many varied items can be manufactured quite easily by ourselves, items such as:

Water troughs, Cattle and sheep feeders, Spray tanks, Bulk fuel tanks, Bulk water tanks, Mudguards, Furniture, Baths & Spa’s, Bins & Planters, Point of sale displays, Road Barriers, Traffic Cones, Safety sign, Buoy’s, Life rings, Pontoon Floats, Kayak canoes, Horse, Jumps, Boats, Waste bins, Bottle Banks, Sinks, Portable toilets, Urinals, Doors & Frames and Roof boxes etc.

The list of items that can be rotationally moulded is almost endless – do you have any questions? Call one of our representatives on 01922 649 961, today or by clicking here to visit out website.

Four Way Sink Units

These portable sink units are always a big hit at events or parties. They are attractive in appearance and remarkably easy to use. The portable sink unit is operated by pressing a pedal at its base. This is highly sanitary because you do not need to touch anything with your hands. There are soap dispensers located by each sink basin.


Central Toilet Hire also offer optional wall mounted water heater systems and integral water heaters within the sink units. We can supply warm hand wash systems in 12v, 110v and 220v.

To find out more about what we have to offer, please visit us at or call us on 01922 649961 today!


Rotational Moulding Manufacturing

We rotationally mould products ranging from our own sink & tank units to bespoke designs via the customers demands by up to 3 metres x 1.5 metres x 1.5 metres.
Using state of the art tools & moulds to manufacture with we can ensure that every mould that we produce holds the correct strength, general technicalities along with wall thicknesses & weight.

The moulds can be manufactured to customers specification in steel or aluminium. We can work with something as simple as a sketch with dimensions or full CAD files to create your products. We also undertake electrical and fabrication assembly to complete a wide range of product customisation for our customers.

Our dedicated staff are committed to a customer-led focus, with flexibility and determination to supply the right products, at the right place – at the right time.

Please visit us here for more information or call us today on +(0)44 1922 649961 to discuss any questions you may have.

Delivering to Events near you


Here at Central Toilet Hire we cater for a range of different events from weddings to festivals and other private functions.

Our Luxury Hire Unit offers the ultimate experience in contemporary design and function. Layouts include three ladies cubicles, one gents cubicle and a choice of two or three urinals.


  • In-built music system
  • LED mood lighting
  • Low wattage water heater and panel heaters
  • Modern contemporary style
  • Chemical flush
  • Weekly janitorial service
  • No plumbling or power required
  • Gel hand sanitizers

Where do we work?


Here at Jobec we strive to help everyone that enquires about our services but unfortunately we are limited to the area that we can service and deliver our units. For a rough idea of how far we travel from our HQ in north Birmingham, take a look at the attached photo.

Welfare Hire Cabin


Welfare Cabin Unit – Available for Hire

The Welfare Unit provides all the following HSE requirements: Large sink for elbow to wrist washing in warm water. Recirculating flush toilet compartment with wash-hand basin. Storage Heater (drying room), eating/rest area and a facility to change clothing.
Our unit is equipped with a retractable axle and a unique built-in hydraulic system for safely raising and lowering the cabin to the ground. This fully HSE compliant unit can be installed and operational within three minutes of arrival on site. The Secure Mobile Welfare unit is of theft and vandal resistant all-steel construction with a double point locking mechanism securing its tow coupling and hydraulic system controls.



  • Large sink with hot water handwash/unit and clean drinking water
  • Recirculating toilet (30 gallons)
  • Recirculating flush toilet compartment
  • Built-in generator
  • Block insulation & heavy duty floor covering
  • Six way consumer unit
  • Microwave cooker & Kettle
  • Steel personnel doors with sliding steel shutter
  • LED interior lighting with electric wall mounted heater with double sockets


If you are interested in hiring out one of our welfare unit’s or are just interested in some more information please send us an enquiry via our web form at or phone us on 01922 649961


Jobec UK Rotational Moulding

Your one-stop shop for moulded products


Rotational moulding is the process of creating hollow plastic parts/products, for example, water and fluid tanks, grit bins, road barriers, canoes, boats, floating pontoons, etc. Rotational moulding produces strong durable products that are weather and chemical resistant and can last many years in harsh environments. The moulding process involves melting plastic powder to a semi-liquid state that is then spread evenly over the inside of a hollow tool during the rotation period. After cooling, the product reverts back to a strong rigid hollow structure.



A predetermined amount of polymer ( plastic) either in powdered or liquidform is poured into a hollow metal mould which is made from either Steel orAluminum. The amount of plastic used in the metal mould will be equivalent to the weight of the finished product. Rotational moulding has one big advantage of no waste. All the plastic poured into the mould is used.











Once the plastic has been poured in, the lid of the mould needs to be securely clamped into position. The mould is then moved into the heat source where the rotation starts. Rotations are normally around 10-12 rev min, rotating in one axis slowly in both directions, the mould will tilt on its second axes back and forth. This ensures the plastic is evenly distributed throughout the mould. By changing the speed of revolutions and tilts, together with the dwell time between movements, it’s possible to control the thickness of the walls of the end product in areas that need extra strength.











After the heating cycling is complete, the mould is removed from the ovenand the cooling cycle begins. This involves using air blows and sometimes fine mists of water to slowly cool the mould. If the mould is cooled too quickly the product may become distorted due to imbalance of heat from inside to outside surface tempratures. When the product is cooling, it starts to naturally shrink away from the inside surface of the mould. Once cooled, if the adequate draft angles have been provided then the product should slide out. Release agents are used to help this process. The product is removed from the mould and the joint lines are de-flashed. Depending on the product, additional assembly can then be carried out on the part.



The benefits of the rotational moulding process is a relatively uniform wall thickness throughout the product and secondly, the hollow moulding can have design and structural advantages difficult or impossible to achieve by other methods such as blow-moulding or vacuum forming. Technology, tooling and finishing makes rotational moulding an ideal choice for hollow products – such as rotationally moulded plastic tanks – with advanced benefits. Low cost, short lead times, intricate design features and little or nopost mould finishing are all within the advantages of rotational moulding. Extra strength, sound deadening and insulation properties are increased with foam filling, either as an inner skin or whole cavity. Threaded studs, nuts, handles, hinges, labels, locks and many other items can also be moulded in during process.











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