Check out our bespoke video showcasing our Welfare Unit

These Welfare cabins are perfect for building site use, home development or even long term events that require living space along with toilet facilities.

Our welfare cabins provide completely independent warm, secure accommodation for site workers, contractors and security staff etc.

Wherever people are working in the open air with no facilities, they are entitled by UK wide regulations to the amenities provided by the Central Welfare Unit. The Welfare Unit is ready in minutes, saving you time and money. Easily towed to site, the self-contained unit can be manoeuvred on site and secured in less than 3 minutes by one man. It’s many safety features make it a highly secure and money saving choice for small teams of contractors. If you are in need of temporary toilet and washroom facilities that even comes with a seating area and cooking facilities; look no further than our units.

Features include:

  • Large sink

  • Hot water unit

  • Microwave

  • Clean drinking water

  • Recirculating toilet (30 gallons)

  • Recirculating flush toilet compartment.

  • Built-in generator

  • GRP interior panels

  • Block insulation

  • Heavy duty floor covering

  • 6 Way consumer unit

  • LED interior lighting

  • Electric wall mounted heater

  • Double sockets

  • Microwave cooker

  • Kettle

  • Warm water hand wash

  • Steel personnel doors

  • Sliding steel shutter


Check them out today and give us a call on 01922 649 961 to learn more or visit us at

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